7 days. 7 steps.

Get clear about what matters to you
& build a plan to make it happen.

clarity | momentum | roadmap

TOP 7 Things you'll discover

  1. Self-Check Practices that you need to get unstuck by growing your mindset, getting clear about what drives you, and focusing on activities that build momentum.

  2. Self-Awareness Strategies empowering you to move beyond overwhelm by reframing time and tasks and learning to get into flow - doing deep work - so you can find balance in life again.

  3. Articulate your Core Why that speaks to your unique mix of passion and strength, and connects to your dream life.

  4. How to Interrogate your Big Dreams so they become crystal clear, you understand what's truly important to you, and you can own the process of bringing the dream to life.

  5. How to Translate your Big Dream into an Actionable Roadmap that offers a long range vision, mid range markers, a clear short range target, and action steps you can start tomorrow.

  6. 1 BONUS-Hack to Ensure Alignment between your vision, roadmap, and values - so you can start running and keep momentum flowing as you tackle each step along the path.

  7. 2 BONUS-Hacks to help you maintain momentum even after you've taken the first step. Momentum is your lifeline and these smart-hacks keep your flywheel spinning.

"It will feel like a springboard."
Build the momentum you need.

What makes this transformational?

  1. PERSONAL CHALLENGE: to help you get unstuck. Clarity and focus bring freedom - from overwhelm, distraction, and unproductive activities like shiny object syndrome.

  2. DEEP ENGAGEMENT: you carve the time & do the hard introspective work necessary for moving forward. This is not a series of videos to watch. It is seven exercises for you to engage - work you can and must do to step forward. Do the work, and you'll see immediate results.

  3. BUILD MOMENTUM: each step builds on the last. Even a rock keeps rolling when you nudge it down a steep enough hill. You are not a rock. You are a brilliant entrepreneur. This is your nudge - and it comes with specific strategies to build momentum.

How does it work?

Each day for the next week, you'll receive an email inviting you to that day's exercise. With each day, you'll stack a small win, take a step forward, and discover more about who you are and what you really want.

These exercises are about health, grounded identity, & leaning in to big dreams.

In the end, you'll have the clarity & roadmap needed to go after what matters most to you.


The exact coaching exercises I use with executive clients, repackaged for you, for $21


Do you feel unhealthy? off-balance? exhausted? angsty?

Sometimes the life we want - full of freedom, independence, & impact - can get buried in 60+ hr work weeks. We get distracted from what matters most - out of balance. I know, I've been there.

But you don't have to stay there.

In the next seven days, these exercises will challenge you to think about what really matters. Set aside the distractions, and carve time each day to walk through these exercises.

These are the exact exercises I use with executive clients. They invite you to think deeply about who you are, what you want, and what it will take to get there.

I build these exercises for you. No fluff, no guru advise, just the exercises that lead to transformation.

Do the work. Get clarity. Build the roadmap.

Imagine what healthy & balanced will feel like. Use these exercises to focus inward, see clearly, and design a better way forward.

Each exercise is a small win. Stack them and you build momentum.

Health & balance start here. now. with a single step forward,
followed by another,
then another.

I really want this for you, so right now it's just a dollar - seriously.

Ready to take that first step?

In your corner,


"I have a fresh understanding of myself - my passions and strengths - and how they shape what I really want in life." -Patrick

"Aaron's style feels relaxed. He has a knack for asking penetrating questions and moving you to action." - Sara

"I hit a point where I needed to reevaluate where I was heading. Aaron helped me think through that and step forward with fresh enthusiasm." - Brian

"I appreciate how Aaron worked with me to assess our position, clarify direction, and take tangible steps to achieve that vision." - Jaime

clarity | momentum | roadmap


Thousands of dollars in coaching exercises I use with executive clients, repackaged for you, for $21

About Aaron

Aaron's an entrepreneurial family guy psyched to help you scale your impact - in life and work. He coaches execs/owners, teaches undergrads, COOs at a zoo, writes, & surfs w/ his kids.

  • 12+ yrs advising execs & entrepreneurs

  • PhD Experiential Learning

  • MA Philosophy

  • C-suite exec | Small Biz Owner | NPO founder

  • Social Entrepreneurship college instructor


7 days. 7 exercises. Get clear about what really matters & build a plan to make it happen.

The exact coaching exercises I use with executive clients, repackaged for you, for $21

clarity | momentum | roadmap


Congrats! Your in.

Exercise 1 is already zipping through cyberspace looking for your inbox.

"It will feel like a springboard."

Do the work & it will transform you.

clarity | momentum | roadmap